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1970 Dodge Charger R/T (Factory Sunroof)
1 of 112 Produced

Certified in the following registries:
- 1970 Charger Registry
- Galen Govier Charger Registry. Galen Govier Inspected and Certified.

Fender Tag Data:

26 END
N88 P31 R21 V21 V8X
H51 J25 J45 J81 M21 M31
B51 C21 C55 G31 G33
EK2 C6K4 FK5 211 M99220
E86 D32 XS29 UOG 1891xx

BC Sheet still needs to be decoded.
FT Decoded as follows:

E86 Engine 440 4 Barrel with 3.55 Automatic sure grip 675 built
D32 Automatic Transmission With 440 4bbl
XS29 Charger R/T
U0G U=440 4BBL 0=1970 G=Built in St. Louis
1891xx VIN Sequence
EK2 Paint Go Mango** 431 built 4.6% Paint - Hi Impact Chrysler Paint AY2EK2
C6K4 Vinyl Bucket Seats Burnt Orange 675 built 7.2% Color keyed interior
FK5 Door frame Dark Burnt Orange Metallic 881 built 9.4% Chrysler Paint AY2FK5
211 Feb 11, 1970
M99220 M99=Factory Sunroof 220= Sunroof built on Feb 20 112 built - 1.2%
B51 Brakes Power 3317 built 35.4% $42.95
C21 Center Armrest 1218 built 13.0% $54.45
C55 Bucket Seats
G31 Mirror Outside RH Manual Standard Type 75 built 0.8% $6.85
G33 Mirror Outside LH Remote Type Chrome 6531 built 69.7% $10.45
H51 Air Conditioning with front heater 4301 built 45.9% $357.65
J25 3-Speed Wipers
J45 Hood Pins 3205 built 34.2% $15.40
J81 Spoiler Rear 197 built 2.1% N/A Became available October 20, 1969
M21 Drip Rail Moulding
M31 Body Belt Moulding
N88 Auto Speed Control 403 built 4.3% $57.95
P31 Power Windows 806 built 8.6% $105.20
R21 Solid State Radio AM/FM 5.5 Watt 937 built 10.0% $134.95
V21 Paint Performance Hood 169 Built 1.8%
V8X Bumblebee Tape Stripe - Black
26 26” Radiator

This car has no problems.  It starts easy, idles great, runs, drives and brakes like a new car should.  Although this is a recent restoration, all bugs have been worked out and it is a dependable car to drive anytime and anywhere.

The bottom side of this Charger looks as good as the top.

Price: Call if serious

1967 Mustang T5 Fastback

Verified as 1 of 1

Approved by Ford President in 1967 to be built specifically for export to South Vietnam during the height of the war.  Took a very influential customer to convince FoMoCo to make an exception on this car. 

Rumor has it that this car may have ties to R. McNamara (Former President of FoMoCo and Secretary of Defense during the war)

Ford Stamped the Buck Plate:
-So Vietnam

Fully Documented by Kevin Marti as a 1 of 1

289 4-Speed
We installed a new Hi-Performance 289 and 4-Speed Toploader, Updated the interior (Kept it looking factory but not over the top new) to make a great, clean driver car.  The patina and history on this car was too special to perform a full restoration.  We wanted everything to look 60's period correct. Also installed new brakes, wiring harnesses, radiator, tires, carpet, etc...

This car was in Vietnam for more than 2 years, driving around Saigon before the 2nd owner had it shipped home.  Lots of stories to go with it. 

This car has been titled 3 times:

- Original owner (Ford exported to Vietnam)
- 2nd owner (Bought in Vietnam)
- Me

Price: Call if Serious